Hangar Doors: Sliding, Rolling, Bi-Fold & Tilt-up

Large, specialized doors designed for aircraft hangars and other facilities that require massive openings for aircraft or oversized equipment. We engineer these doors to provide easy and efficient access to accommodate the size of aircraft like airplanes, helicopters, or even ships. R&S offers hangar doors in various types, such as sliding, rolling, or folding. We construct our hangar doors to withstand the elements, ensuring security and protection for the valuable assets they enclose.

Each type of hangar door has its advantages and is suitable for different hangar layouts, aircraft sizes, and operational requirements. The choice of hangar door depends on factors like available space, aircraft types, frequency of use, and budget considerations.

  1. Sliding Hangar Doors: These doors slide horizontally to one side, typically using a track-and-trolley system. They provide a wide opening without taking up extra space inside or outside the hangar.
  2. Rolling Hangar Doors: These doors roll upward and store at the top of the hangar. They are ideal for maximizing headroom, can be operated quickly, and are suitable for hangars with limited space.
  3. Folding Hangar Doors: Also known as bi-fold doors, these doors fold in half horizontally, stacking at the top of the hangar. They are versatile and efficient, providing ample clearance and fast operation.
  4. Vertical Lift Hangar Doors: These doors open upward, similar to a garage door. They are suitable for hangars with high ceilings and provide a clear opening for aircraft to enter and exit.
  5. Stacking Hangar Doors: These innovative doors consist of multiple sections that slide horizontally and stack against one another at the side of the opening. They offer flexibility and are often used for wide openings.

Expert Installation and Service

Leverage our expertise to assess your hangar’s specifications, recommend the right door type, and ensure precise installation. R&S Overhead Doors of San Diego understands safety regulations, engineering requirements, and local codes, reducing the risk of errors. Expert installation guarantees proper functionality, security, and longevity of the hangar door. Additionally, professional companies provide warranties, ongoing support, and maintenance, ensuring your investment’s optimal performance over time.

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