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Commercial High Speed Doors: Enhancing Efficiency and Security

R&S Overhead Doors of San Diego offers high performance industrial speed doors manufactured by Dynaco, that are safe, reliable, and maintenance-friendly for years to come. Dynaco doors are by far the most technically sound, long lasting doors in their field, trusted for over 20 years. An ideal solution for high traffic areas in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing as well as cold storage applications. Get energy and cost savings as well as optimized traffic flows, production and logistic activities with the help of high speed doors.

Regardless of the products that you manufacture Dynaco high speed roll-up doors help you optimize your daily production and business activities.

Optimize Production Activities

No matter what products you manufacture, Dynaco high- speed roll-up doors help you optimize your daily production and business activities. High-speed doors enable smooth traffic flows of raw materials, supplies, machinery, equipment and finished goods. Designed for intensive use, you can rely on our fast action doors 24/7.

Available in large, medium and smaller sizes, high-speed doors can be used as exterior or interior doors. They seal off your factory from the outside or separate specific sections within your building from each other. Dynaco and Nergeco (an energy-saving brand part of the Dynaco group) high-speed roll-up doors protect your premises and infrastructure against wind, rain, dirt, dust and extreme temperatures. They operate in an energy and cost efficient way and are safe for your staff, machinery and goods.

Minimize Temperature Variations

Dynaco flexible high-speed freezer doors help to meet important cold storage requirements: stable cold temperatures, minimal energy consumption, respect for the cold chain and the prevention of icing. The exceptional seal and fast cycle of our high-speed freezer doors keep cold and dry air in and hot and moist air out of your freezer room. The loss of conditioned air is limited and less energy is used.
Minimal temperature variations limit icing in your freezer room. An optional insulating curtain on the warm side reduces condensation and icing. This means less need for ice and frost removal, no danger of slipping and no damages to your refrigeration devices. In order to prevent accumulation of ice in the side guides, we equip our cold storage high-speed roll-up doors with low consumption electric heating cables in the side posts.

Respect Hygiene Requirements

Production efficiency, processing speed, hygiene and respect for the cold chain are crucial in every food processing environment. Dynaco and Nergeco high-speed doors help to meet those requirements. The smooth and even textured flexible PVC door curtain of a high-speed door is easy to clean. A superior seal around the full perimeter of the high-speed door keeps draughts, dust, dirt and insects out of your storage and processing areas helping to avoid contaminations.

Wind Load Endurant

We protect airport hangars and public transport depots with Dynaco doors to endure strong winds. We protect them . Designed to operate 24/7 in extreme conditions, high-speed roll-up doors resist violent wind and bad weather. They strongly improve working conditions inside a depot or workshop.

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